Bolt SF is located on Pier 9 just off the Embarcadero, and boasts access to $22M of prototyping equipment.

On this page you'll find a list of quick reference links and an FAQ. If you and your team plan to work at Pier 9 or use the shop, it's critical to read through the entirety of the San Francisco section of the Bolt Onboarding Deck. If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected]

Quick Reference Links

The Workshop - How to gain shop access, equipment classes, respirator program.

[ELC] Workshop Classes - Sign up for workshop classes, use your ADSK email to log in

CNC Learning Path - If you think you MIGHT want to use CNC Machines at Pier 9. Read this carefully.

3D Printing at Pier 9 - 3D printing requirements at Pier 9 and Ember 3D printing classes.

Electronics Lab and Test Kitchen - How to gain access to these spaces.

Chemicals, Resins, Paints and Finishes - How to bring in chemicals to Pier 9 and what to do with them.

Shoparones - Shoparone policy and evening/weekend access to Pier 9.

Travel, parking and accommodation - In short, you can not park anything but a bike at Pier 9.


Kate McAndrew - Your main point of contact at Bolt for anything Pier 9 related, [email protected]

Workshop Staff - Click the link for a full breakdown of workshop staff and contact info 

Joy Johnson - Joy is the Pier 9 coordinator and can help you with any issues around workshop classes, [email protected]

Tim Young - Tim is IT Support and can trouble shoot e-mail set up and password problems, [email protected]

Reception Staff - Can support with badges, booking a conference room in a pinch, pre-registering visitors ([email protected])


What's the Autodesk WiFi password? Network: adskguest  Username: adskguest Password: adskguest

What's the deal with Autodesk email? You have to set up an Autodesk email because it is used as the basis for your username and password throughout the workshop systems. All major communication about the shop will be forwarded to whatever email you give to Bolt. However, all communication around class scheduling, cancellations, tool maintenance etc. will only go to your Autodesk email.  

How do I check my Autodesk email? 

1.  Visit
2.  Click the star symbol in the top, right corner
3.  Click “Outlook Web Access”
4.  Make sure to enter “ads\” before your username.  Example: ads\t_branmi

How do I start using tools? After you get a badge, you'll need to go through General Workshop Safety training . From there, you can book individual tool safety trainings through the ELC. Details instructions for both are found in the Bolt Onboarding deck. 

How do I handle visitors? All visitors must sign in with Autodesk reception and wear the name badge provided at all times. Visitors may not go straight to the Bolt office or shop without signing in. 

How do I get 24-hr shop access? E-mail [email protected] and she'll get the ball rolling. It usually takes a day or so and is pretty painless. 

How do I book a fancy conference room?  Fancy conference rooms are booked through the Autodesk email system. See slide 57 of the onboarding deck for instructions. Warning- these book out in advance, so if you know you have a large meeting coming up, book ahead!

How do I add a new employee at the Pier? Send Kate their start date and participation agreement as soon as possible. 

Where is the best place to lock my bike? There is a bike cage and a roll up bike garage at the Pier. Your badge will give you access to both. 

How do I manage and purchase 3D printer resin?  

  1. E-mail [email protected] and ask him to set up a  tracking spreadsheet for you. 
  2. E-mail [email protected] to purchase your first $1000.00 of resin and start printing!
  3. Check out the Bolt Onboarding Deck for instructions on how to purchase more resin.