New Employee?

Anytime your company adds a new employee (especially if they move into one of our offices), we suggest you send them to this page to help get them familiar with Bolt.

About Bolt

Bolt is an venture capital firm that focuses on seed-stage startup companies at the intersection of hardware and software. You're reading this because we're an investor in your company. Our goal is to help your company build the best product possible without hitting any of the major "oh shit" moments many hardware companies get killed by. For a bit more info on how to talk about Bolt to other people, check out the PR page.

Employee Directory

We have an internal employee directory to help people in the Bolt portfolio get to know each other a bit better. To add yourself to the directory and email lists, please fill out this form:

Office Operations

Just like you, Bolt is a small company trying to do a lot with very limited resources. To accomplish this, we hope every founder/employee of every portfolio company does their best to be a good citizen and help out where they can. Depending where you're based, reading one of these pages is a good place to start:

It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with our communication channels. You can check that out here: