New Company?

Welcome aboard! You're now part of an exciting group of entrepreneurs that will be better prepared for the trials and tribulations of shipping a hardware product and building a business that incorporates a physical product.

While we're no strangers to hardware, Bolt is a startup too and we're trying to constantly adapt to better support our portfolio companies. To get better integrated into the Bolt process, here are some things you should do in the coming days:

So long as they're useful to the management team, we like to run monthly informal "board meetings". We've found these are excellent tools to ensure high-level strategic objectives are being met. We take each meeting seriously and expect you've done a good deal of preparation for each one, just like you would for the formal board that you'll eventually have.

Every company that's actively seeking our engineering support has 10 minutes every Monday to describe issues/plans/objectives for the coming week. We use the meetings to prioritize the our support tasks and engineering projects for the days ahead. It's also a good time to ask higher-level strategic questions about product/engineering that may be on your mind.

Upload Assets

We're proud of our portfolio companies. Fill out to form to have your logo displayed on our website and our offices in SF and Boston.

Other Meetings

  • Design Reviews
    From time-to-time, getting the entire Bolt engineering team in a room to discuss a revision of a design is helpful. These usually take a week or more to schedule but can be exceptionally useful to do when critical design milestones are approaching. Coordinate through David.
  • Design Sprints
  • One-off Meetings
    Critical events is on the horizon often warrant a quick meeting with Axel or Ben is helpful. It's best to schedule these through Bethany.

Moving In

If you're moving into one of our offices, please read the primers on each office: