Working for Bolt

Bolt is a venture capital firm investing at the intersection of hardware and software. Often writing founders their first check, Bolt focuses on pre-seed, pre-product companies. Portfolio companies build a foundation for success by leveraging Bolt’s engineering team, prototyping environment, and experience building multi-billion dollar companies. 


  • Immersed at the forefront of hardware and connected device startups

  • 24x7 access to a world-class prototyping shop

  • Flexible vacation policy

  • Medical and dental

  • 401(k) with employer matching

How to Apply

Warm introductions preferred. Alternatively, send a brief introduction, resume, and links to any relevant online content to [email protected].

Open Positions

Electrical Engineer

Bolt is seeking an exceptional, passionate individual to join our team. As an integral part of our design and engineering team, you will be focused on enabling the success of our growing portfolio of companies. This is a full time role at our location in downtown San Francisco and would include some travel to Boston and New York.

Bolt is a fast-paced, dynamic environment where it’s not unusual to work on many different products in a given day. Our work covers the entire product development process including conceptual exploration, hands-on prototyping, engineering analysis, and working with contract manufacturers.

Candidates must thrive in the high-caliber venture community and, like the rest of our team, be highly autonomous.


A Typical Week May Include

  • Working closely with Bolt’s industrial designer and mechanical, electrical, and prototyping engineers to refine the design of a new product

  • Consulting a CEO on the tradeoffs between using pre-certified modules and designing custom, chip-down architectures

  • Building prototype circuitry and test equipment

  • Selecting components and hardware like cellular modems, WiFi modules, microcontrollers, or Android tablets

  • Schematic capture and layout of prototype and final PCBs

  • Tracking down unexpected battery drain on a company's first prototype

  • Debugging an unexpected device reboot during initial testing

  • Whiteboarding manufacturing and assembly ideas for mass production

  • Validating the cost targets of high-volume production

  • Meeting with a potential new portfolio company and determining if their device/system is feasible to build, both from the product and business standpoint

  • Helping set six-month development goals for a new portfolio company

  • Interviewing an electrical, firmware, or software engineer and helping ensure that that person would integrate with a portfolio company's team

  • Attending a meetup in the evening to discuss product development and investment with hardware startups


  • Strong technical background including a BS or MS in Electrical Engineering or similar

  • 5+ years in a design engineering role, ideally having worked with many types of products and through at least one full product-development cycle

  • Record of successful products brought to market

  • Expert at board-level design with experience in:

  • Wireless comms (Bluetooth LE, 3G/4G LTE, WiFi, IEEE 802.15.4, LoRa, etc.)

  • Mixed-signal embedded systems

  • Low-level firmware development

  • Low-power circuit design

  • Experience designing products for high volume manufacturing with a focus on production facilities in the US and Southeast Asia

  • Comfortable helping support the development of 5-10 products at any given time

  • Enthusiastic about both advising others and executing work individually

  • Comfortable with a variety of CAD tools (Altium preferred, Eagle and others acceptable)

  • Experience laying out boards with challenging physical constraints

  • Comfortable working collaboratively with revision control systems (git)

  • Experience consulting various clients as a freelancer or with a firm

  • A desire to learn more about the startup/venture capital environment

  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills

  • Highly organized, inquisitive, and probing

  • Nice-to-have experience:

    • Embedded Linux

    • High-speed circuit layout

    • Programming experience in C/C++ and Python

    • Cryptography and security for embedded systems

    • Some familiarity with Android/iOS development

Director of Portfolio

Bolt is seeking an exceptional, passionate individual to architect and execute our platform strategy. This integral part of our team will be focused on enabling the success of our growing portfolio of companies and owning all aspects of our internal community in San Francisco, Boston and New York. Candidates must thrive in the fast-moving and high-caliber venture community and, like the rest of our team, be highly autonomous. This is a full time role at our location in downtown San Francisco and would include some travel to Boston and New York.


  • Facilitate knowledge sharing between Bolt’s portfolio companies and our extensive network of investors and advisors

  • Build systems that connect the portfolio with relevant talent pools and help portfolio companies identify and recruit early hires

  • Design and execute in-person event series like founder dinners and workshops

  • Curate online resources, templates, and communication tools that leverage our portfolio’s collective knowledge

  • Design and implement more scalable systems to onboard new companies and integrate them into the portfolio community

  • Create and implement feedback systems that enable Bolt to provide highly leveraged help at the right time and increase our internal net promoter score

  • Create and maintain data sets around portfolio companies’ follow on fundraising and service provider relationships


  • Previous experience with a venture-backed startup, investor, or other role in the startup ecosystem

  • Demonstrated experience with mapping customer needs and project scoping

  • History of building systems that automate work vs. one-off efforts

  • Recognized by colleagues as a community builder and connector

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Extremely proactive. You will have a lot of autonomy in this role

Operations Manager

Bolt is seeking an exceptional, passionate individual to support and manage systems to keep our office and event platform running smoothly. This integral part of our team will enable the success of our growing portfolio of companies and maintain smooth operations of our community-building efforts in our San Francisco office. Successful candidates will be highly autonomous and thrive in the fast-moving startup ecosystem at Bolt.


  • Be the primary engine for maintaining a positive, engaged office and workshop environment with a large variety of people (including Bolt staff, portfolio companies/employees, frequent outside visitors, and an extensive event program)

  • Proactively seek ways to streamline office processes and leverage best practices that build on our collaborative work environment. We love technology and would like to know what products, services, apps, social tools you think will help streamline Bolt.

  • Own all office operations and procedures, including maintenance, supplies, and vendor management. This includes everything from negotiating contracts to picking up stray water glasses.

  • Manage vendor relationships flawlessly and negotiate pricing fiercely

  • Provide input for and adhere to our annual operating budget  

  • Assist in onboarding and offboarding employees and portfolio companies; provide training on office procedures and best practices as they evolve .

  • Execute and support Bolt event logistics; including but not limited to happy hours, founder dinners, all-hands meetings, partner team meetings, hardware workshops, and public meetups

  • Manage equipment procurement and inventory, including our state-of-the-art prototyping shop and coordinate best practises with our Boston facility


  • Culture-builder: you know what is needed to build a strong, fun, inclusive office culture

  • Adaptable: you have the ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment

  • Generalist: you have an intense curiosity and are willing to dive into uncharted territory to solve a new problem

  • Service-Oriented: you are comfortable ensuring a wide-variety of people have a consistently positive experience

  • Systematic Thinker: you have a penchant for automating solutions vs repeated one-off efforts

  • Organized: you consistently adhere to previously agreed upon schedules and budgets

  • Efficient: you are recognized by colleagues as operationally-minded and constantly thinking about ways to maximize efficiency

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Extremely proactive. You will have a lot of autonomy in this role

  • This position requires you to work from the office full time, occasionally at odd hours. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow working remotely.