Raising Follow-on Capital

Raising follow-on capital is a critical milestone (and sometimes frustrating experience) for all hardware startups. While we can't lead follow-on financings due to our fund size, we often spend many months helping our portfolio companies planning for and executing the fundraising process.

Bolt's Angel Network

Angel investors are key at the earliest stages of fundraising and sometimes helpful when filling out a financing led by a micro-cap venture firm. We have a small (~100 person) network of angel investors and LPs that are comfortable investing in hardware startups. If you're raising a round a group of hardware-centric angels could be helpful for an additional $200k-300k where terms are being set by an outsider, we're happy to send a summary of your company to the list. Send an email to Ben to get this process started. Include a deck and two paragraph description.

VC Database

We maintain an internal database of venture firms that have invested in hardware startups, their firm's fund metrics (fund size, check size, fund number, etc), hardware companies they've invested in, and which partner we have a relationship with.

Don't See an Investor?

If you have or know of an investor that should be on this list for other Bolt portfolio companies to see, please fill out this form to add them: