What is Bolt?

Bolt is a venture capital firm investing at the intersection of hardware and software. Often writing founders their first check, Bolt focuses on pre-seed, pre-product companies. Portfolio companies build a foundation for success by leveraging Bolt’s engineering team, prototyping environment, and experience building multi-billion dollar companies. Bolt has offices in San Francisco, Boston and New York City.

How much do you invest?

Initial checks up to $1M with average pre-seed checks of $200K. We're often a company's first institutional investor. We occasionally participate in Seed and Series A rounds, although we typically do not lead later-stage investments.

What are you looking for?

We invest in great entrepreneurs pursuing large market opportunities with products that delight their customers. We are particularly interested in technically-leaning teams in the connected devices space and business models with recurring revenue potential.

What are you NOT looking for?

We're open to a wide variety of markets and stages, but tend to stay away from products with long development cycles such as cars and markets that require multi-year regulatory approval such as surgical robots. Companies should be targeting a market opportunity that is large enough to be a good fit with the venture capital financing model.

Do companies locate physically at Bolt?

We have offices with fabrication space in Boston and San Francisco and our engineering team works with companies in both locations. While companies don’t have to co-locate with us, many find it extremely beneficial to do so.

Do companies you invest in need to be in Boston, San Francisco, or New York?

No, although we have a strong preference for companies based in (or looking to be based in) one of these ecosystems.

What kind of business models do you get most excited about?

We look for business models which provide high customer lifetime value, often through consumables, software or software-like recurring revenue business models. We are equally interested in companies building products for consumers or businesses.

Where do I send my NDA before I pitch you my startup idea?

Like the vast majority of venture investors, we typically do not sign non-disclosure agreements. Brad Feld has a great writeup on his blog about why most VCs can't sign NDAs.

Are you hiring?

Find more info about jobs at Bolt here. Find more info about jobs at our portfolio companies here