Bolt Boston is located in the heart of Downtown Crossing directly off the Mass Pike and at the center of all subway lines.

Office Access

As a Bolt portfolio company located in Boston you receive 24/7 access to our office and shop. See Avery for keycards. For visitors feel free to give them our front door access code which is "333". This code functions between 9am and 5pm M-F.


What's the Wifi password? Network: Bolt or Bolt5GHz  Password: hurcovm10i

How do I start using tools? In order to start using a tool in the shop, even one you know how to use, you need to be checked off as trained by Avery. 

How do I handle visitors? Visitors are welcome in the shop, but you should avoid any areas where people are using dangerous machinery, and make sure they have appropriate personal protective equipment, like safety glasses.

How do I book a conference room?  All conference rooms are first come first serve except for the big DaVinci conference room. To reserve this, add the Bolt Boston office to your calendar through google calendar ([email protected]) and schedule your meetings on that calendar.  Meetings should have at least four people, and teams that need to use the video call/protector setup have priority.

How do I add a new employee to the office? Send Avery their start date and waiver as soon as possible. 

Where is the best place to lock my bike? There is a bike rack inside of bolt.  You should not need a lock. 

Shop Access and Safety

Before you or any of your team members use the shop, please read the shop policy, fill out the waiver below and send it to [email protected]: