We Invest

The core of Bolt is backing extraordinary founders and their teams. We typically invest $200k-$1.5m, and are currently investing out of our $80m third fund.

We Lead

Bolt makes pre-seed and seed-stage investments, often as the first institutional investor. We lead or co-lead rounds of $1-4m and are happy to collaborate with other investors.

We Build

Our investment team has helped create many billions of dollars of market cap. We stand behind our entrepreneurs to help them realize the full potential of their companies.

We Focus

Our sweet spot is companies where physical products coupled with software enable long-lasting customer relationships and high-margin recurring revenue business models.

A selection of Bolt founders

A selection of Bolt founders

Company Building

Bolt’s team has decades of experience starting and growing companies, building products, and helping extraordinary founders find their way to success.

Aly Orady at Tonal shows off the Tonal

Aly Orady at Tonal shows off the Tonal


Bolt's world-class engineers help our companies build strong product teams and facilitate bringing the right product to market quickly and capital efficiently.

Core’s prototype build day

Core’s prototype build day

Office + Shop Space

Many of our companies co-locate with Bolt for a period of time at our state-of-the-art workshop and office space in the heart of San Francisco and Boston.