Bolt is a venture capital firm designed to address the unique needs of early-stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software. Most institutional investors have moved upstream and back hardware companies that have completed product development. Bolt fills the gap in early stage hardware financing, investing up to $500K in pre-seed, pre-product companies.
We believe capital is a commodity and people are not. We believe people are at the center of great products and great products are at the center of exceptional companies. We love lean, technical teams and thrive on helping founders bridge the gap between idea and product/market fit. An investment from Bolt brings a full stack team devoted to helping you get to market faster, raise smart follow-on capital, and build a foundation for scale.

Get to Market Faster

Hire Smarter

Hardware startups are often burdened by needing more people early on. Bolt's full-time engineering staff helps fill gaps in your team so you can hire carefully and find product/market fit efficiently.


Know what questions to ask before you hit bumps in the road. Our team helps you avoid pitfalls by leveraging our experience of shipping tens of millions of units.


Sometimes you just can't wait. Bolt's fabrication facilities have over $20M of prototyping equipment to enable high-speed product development.

Raise Smart Capital

Bolt companies raise capital from the best Venture investors in hardware.

A sampling of follow-on financings over the past 12 months: 

Build a Foundation for Scale

Management Team

The most critical part of building any company is surrounding yourself with the right team. We've hired dozens of managers for hardware companies, from VP Engineering to CMO, and will help you put the right team in place.

Business Model

Few investors understand hardware business models and metrics. Bolt helps ensure companies are experts in margin structures, BOM/COGS, channel mix/strategy, and CAC/LTV, while maximizing long term enterprise value creation.


Manufacturing is a leading cause of hardware startup death. Bolt instils a culture of design planning and rigorous quality control early on to make scaling production routine.