Many teams use Slack for day-to-day internal communication. We're actively helping Bolt portfolio companies better communicate with each other using Slack. Join the Boltfolio Slack team!

E-mail Lists


Bolt's team and all Bolt portfolio companies. Use this sparingly to share exciting news and important updates with the whole community. Keep in mind this goes to hundreds of people.


Bolt's engineering team. This is the prefered way to communicate with our engineering team.


Bolt's entire team receives emails to this address. 


All portfolio companies and employees based in Boston and NYC.


All portfolio companies and employees based in Bolt's Boston office.


All portfolio companies and employees in the San Francisco Bay area.


All portfolio companies and employees in our San Francisco office.


This is a resource for our CEOs of our portfolio companies. Use it to ask questions of one another.


Use this list to request office supplies. If you see that something is low, send an email to this list so we can reorder it. 

Social Media

You can find Bolt on a few social media channels. We focus most of our effort towards Twitter and our blog on Medium: